Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Evening Birding at Mitchell's Bay

It was just too nice to do nothing this evening.  With Mitchell's Bay being only 20 minutes away, I decided to look around out there.  In the past I had not checked it often enough, but this year with the new lakeshore trail, I have been going a couple of times per week.  There is lots of potential for different birds out there.

Angler Line entrance

This evening I set up my scope to look at the Marbled Godwit.  I was seeing double.  The Booby prize was a  second Marbled Godwit! Funny thing, just as I looked at it, Chris Law sent a text about another godwit at Ridgetown.  It was of the Hudsonian type. I have been going to Rigetown in the evenings about once a week as well.

The second marbled seemed unwanted there.  After some argument with the other one, it took flight and headed towards St. Anne's Island.  I watched it till it was out of sight.

I could not find the Snowy Egret today.

I also took a walk along the new trail.  Good for landbirds, and you get a look at the Bay and marsh on the dock.  Quite a few sparrows (White-crowned finally) were there plus some warblers.
Palm Warbler

Looks like nice weather all this week (they are weekdays of course).

Lots of Great Egrets in the area!

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