Friday, October 11, 2013

Bay of Godwit

Earlier this week I found two Marbled Godwits at Mitchell's Bay while a Hudsonian was reported at Ridgetown at the same time.  Today I was off work a bit early (people reluctant to put boats away yet!) so I did a circle tour.  I started at Ridgetown hoping to see the Hudsonian, but it was not there.  
Yesterday afternoon Mike Bouman found a Hudsonian at Blenheim, but it took flight towards Ridgetown.  When he got to Ridgetown, a Hudsonian was there.  One wonders if it is the same bird.

(photo credit MB)

Lots of geese and a few shorebirds were at Ridgetown. Blenheim had lots of shorebirds in the sprinklers.  Two of the sprinkler cells are very good right now.  Since the weeds were cleaned out last week and the water turned on, conditions are fairly good for shorebirds.  Probably 65 birds present including a Long-billed Dowitcher and a couple of Stilt Sandpipers.

With time left in the day, I decided to head over to Mitchell's Bay as it was not too much out of the way.  I arrived and the lake was calm and lighting good.  Two Marbled Godwits again!  But a slightly smaller one was obviously a Hudsonian.
Hudsonian in there somewhere!

Two Marbleds

Little did I know that Allen Woodliffe was there about a half hour earlier and saw the three godwits.
Lots of egrets around, but the Snowy has not been seen since Monday or so.

Godwits are always nice to see, but I think it is time for a Black-tailed......

With the warm afternoons this week, butterflies were out.  Wednesday I had Silver-spotted and possibly a Tawny-edged (did not get on it soon enough) at Port Lambton.

Today at Blenheim, a Bronze Copper made an appearance.

Also saw this Least Skipper.

Some Common Buckeyes were around too.


  1. Getting late for Least Skipper. Record-late for Point Pelee is October 10 -- you need to find one here ASAP!

  2. Maybe these record late butterfly sightings might be the result of a cold, rainy summer. Each of the four stages of the butterfly lifecycle were extended a little, pushing their late date sightings into record breaking territory! A hypothesis!