Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Cloudless Day

Eager to get out for birding, I headed down to Rondeau Park early this morning.  It was a big kinglet day as the park was littered with both species of kinglets. Later on I saw a Ruby-crowned with a leg band.  I could not get on it for a photo though.

puffed up kinglet

Of course there were hundreds of Yellow-rumped Warblers as well.  Steve Charbonneau and I sorted through lots of birds and came up with ten species of warblers.  There were several singles though including Northern Parula and Blackburnian.  Several Blue-headed Vireos and a Red-eyed as well.
One of a couple of Black-throated Green Warblers today

Later on I checked out Blenheim Lagoons and the same shorebirds as last evening minus the dowitcher were present.  Several pipits were there too.

I refound the Bronze Copper, but not the Least Skipper.  The skipper is actually quite late!

Some Buckeyes were working the fleebane as well.

Most of the ducks were Ruddy (at least 600).

Checked out McGeachy Pond dike as well.  Just after I started walking I noticed a very large bright yellow butterfly coming towards me.  I knew instantly it was a Cloudless Sulphur!  It kept going west, so I was unable to photograph it.  Maybe a first for Erieau, but it is on the historical list for Rondeau Park.  I am sure the Cloudless has not been seen in recent times there.
At least I seem to do well with butterflies!

Here is a caterpillar I found at the lagoons.  Can anyone name the species?
Asteroid Moth caterpillar


  1. Probably lots of rare southern butterflies around right now, but who is looking?

  2. Blake--is your caterpillar that of a moth ? I think "The Asteroid"
    [Cucullia asteroides ]. It would be feeding on asters or goldenrod
    into Fall. Common in Southern Ontario-- the "book" says--
    I cheated and looked it up !

  3. Irene,
    Looks like you are correct! I really did not know what it was. Seems to be a lot of variations of that caterpillar.
    A nice-looking caterpillar anyway!