Monday, October 14, 2013

Cornucopia of Kinglets and Clubtails

This weekend certainly saw a mass movement of kinglets, especially Ruby-crowned. They were everywhere including corn fields, marshes, yards, ditches....

Yesterday I made a long walk out marsh trail at Rondeau.  Of course the most abundant bird was Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  Lots of sparrows too.  I was hoping for Nelson's Sparrow and managed to get a glimpse of one in a usual locale past the half way point.  There were lots of Swamp Sparrows to sort through in the reeds.
Other than Common Yellowthroat (2) I only saw Yellow-rumped Warblers in that family.

I checked out some other spots in the park, but the most interesting bird was a Common Raven flying south over Lakeshore Road.  It is the time of year when the odd one is seen moving through southwestern Ontario.
It was not a good day for photography though!  Birds were skittish and clouds most of the morning did not help (yes, it was Sunday!).

Today was cooler but much nicer.  I decided to check out Mitchell's Bay and area.   Needless to say the three godwits were still present at first light.  I also stopped by on the way back, and there they were!  The marbleds have been very active moving from one end of the mudflat to the other in short order.
three godwits!

I also walked the Lakeshore Trail and, yes, there were dozens of Ruby-crowned Kinglets.  All kinds of sparrows too, including the first Fox of the fall.

I then went on to St. Clair NWA.  Thousands of ducks and geese were in the marsh, flying around or coming into the marsh.  It was rather neat just to watch the spectacle for over an hour on the tower.

 At one point a huge flock of several hundred geese came in from the east.  A few Snows were with it.  Most of the geese were coming from that direction, so lighting was bad in the sun.
researchers in the marsh

At the tower, some land birds were moving through, including this Hermit Thrush.  It hung around for some time.
Marsh Hermit

I did go as far as Lighthouse Cove, but found nothing of note.  Too much activity on this holiday Monday!

This afternoon it was warm enough to check for insects. A Pearl Crescent came in to the yard, so I went out to Port Lambton and found a number of butterflies.

American Painted-Lady

Common Painted-Lady

Rather late for a Silver-spotted!

Eastern Tailed-Blue (several today)

I also was a bit surprised to find some clubtail dragonflies.  I had never noted this type before, so I took lots of photos.  Looks like they are the Elusive Clubtail.  I saw about four of them in the gardens.  Seems kind of late, but I do not know much about them.  Certainly did not expect to see these today!

A Black-legged Kittiwake, Red-throated Loon and Red-necked Grebe were reported at Sarnia today.  The wind was a bit light out of the NNE.  I opted to pass on that location, but I will wait for a better wind!

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