Sunday, September 15, 2013

More of Rondeau

Met up with Allen and Steve first thing this morning.  A 'fiery' sunrise greeted us.
Things were completely different than yesterday.  The wind was almost the opposite direction, it was warmer, it was cloudier and fewer birds!  The lake off SPT was very active unlike yesterday.  Thousands of Ring-billed Gulls were streaming by, but we did not pick out anything of interest.

Later, I went off the east side of SPT and found many gulls on the beach.  A juvenile Little Gull stuck out, but it took off almost immediately.  Lighting was horrible! (must be the weekend).

There seemed to be more warblers at the north end of the park down Harrison Trail.  A couple of Great-crested Flycatchers and a Scarlet Tanager were added to the mix of warblers.

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Later in the morning we looked for the Buff-breasted Sandpipers off Fargo Road, but they were nowhere to be found.  Lots of Golden and Black-bellied Plovers though.
I checked the R/R track trail and a few birds were along there.  It was hopping yesterday too, like many areas.

New trailhead signs are up in Rondeau Park.  Local photographers have donated some photos.  I saw this one on south point trail.  I have heard the name before, but cannot quite pinpoint where.


  1. Blake, I've been immortalized in a trailhead sign at Rondeau! Thanks for letting me know. They obtained that image a few years ago from me. I don't know... it looks a little underexposed... Was it the printer or the photographer? :-p

  2. Dwayne,Probably the guy who took it today! It was a bit gloomy today---typical weekend weather.