Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midweek Filler!

A very nice day today (yes, it is midweek!).  Lots of birds have been around the last day or two at Port Lambton.  Last evening I went for a drive after supper and I found a bonanza of passerines at Brander Park.  Lots of warblers, vireos and flycatchers.
The park, woodlot, lagoons and St. Clair River can be seen in the above Google image.  I have been birding there since the late 1980's and have compiled an excellent list of birds in this square.

Even a scarlet tanager was chasing insects last evening.  A bit distant for a good photo, but one has to look closely at these things this time of year.  I saw a photo on Ham Birds recently that appears to be a Scarlet Tanager, even though some claim it to be a Western.  To me, just the general appearance of the bird separates it from Western!
Scarlet T at Brander

A Great Egret has been hanging around Stewart Wetland the the last month or so.  Cannot make it into a Snowy Egret!  I had a Cattle Egret there a couple of years ago.

Not much in the way of butterflies up this way.  I keep seeing a single Peck's Skipper at Brander Park!

Also a couple of Silver-spotted Skippers.

More Cloudless Sulphurs have been seen at Point Pelee this week.  I was lucky enough to see one a couple of weeks ago.
And, this just in.  Paul Carter photographed a Dogface-Sulphur at Fish Point on Pelee Island this afternoon!

Buff-breasted Sandpipers have been seen in the Erieau-Blenheim area recently.  Mainly in harvested tomato fields. Sometimes tough to pick out!

Blenheim Sewage Lagoons are still closed to the public.  There have been many stopping by wondering why they cannot get in.  (Must be those who do not read Ontbirds messages or blogs!).  Hopefully it will still be open for the OFO convention weekend.  It will be closed until construction is completed later in October.

Ridgetown remains half decent though.

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