Friday, September 20, 2013

Port Lambton Lady

Got off work an hour early today.  Been working on a 22' freighter canoe (made in New Liskeard in the 1970's) that a fellow wants restored.  One heavy boat!
Stopped by Brander Park this afternoon and came across a Common Painted-Lady.  First one I have seen in a while (early summer?).

Saw the hermaphrodite mallard at P.L. this week.  Have not seen it since early April.  Where does it hide?
(This creature has been around about five years!).

I bit quieter for birds the last day or so with the hot weather.  Cold front coming in later tomorrow!  Things should pick up.
Of course, there are always good birds around waiting to be found.  One just has to be in the right place at the right time!  Some seem to do that quite often.......

The banded Double-crested Cormorant I saw at Erieau on September 4 was banded in NE Wisconsin.  Likely in 2011, as I could not quite make out the entire letter code.  I heard from Ken Stromborg who bands them in Wisconsin and red leg bands were only used in 2001, 2011, 2013.  Mine was not a young bird, and the probability of seeing one from 2001 is very slim.  That leaves 2011!
There has been an exceptional number of corms on Rondeau Bay this summer.  Early morning one can see them streaming out.  They either go east or west for the most part.  Last Saturday they headed westerly!

Will be out and about tomorrow....

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