Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lure of the Park

I headed down to Rondeau once again.  With light easterly winds, I thought marsh trail would be a good place to start. I was not going to mosquito alley again!.  (I did stop briefly at Ridgetown lagoons and noted 10 Stilt Sandpipers just off the viewing platform.)

Marsh trail was a good choice, as many birds were along the trail.  It was cloudy most of the morning (must be the weekend!) so lighting was bad.

Gull with lure stuck in mouth!

Right from the start, there were numerous warblers and flycatchers.
Blackpoll seemed to top the list.

I saw several Yellow-bellied Flycatchers among others.

At one point I picked out a Lincoln's Sparrow, so I guess fall is here! (At least I did not see a junco).

Over at Dog Beach, Keith Burk was doing a lakewatch of sorts. No gannets or jaegers, but there was lots of movement today.  The only notable gull was an adult Lesser Black-backed on the water.  I headed over there after my walk and saw it before it took off.

Another Magnolia Warbler!

Record shot of a Blue-winged Warbler

Next stop was Blenheim Lagoons.  I managed to find the two Red-necked Phalaropes--each in a different pond.  Not many shorebirds were in today.
We will have to make use of the lagoons in the next week since berm rehabilitation will be taking place for about six weeks.  The site will be closed to birders, but I am told it will be open the weekend of the OFO conference September 28-29.  We can be very appreciative of that fact!  The local PUC manager realizes the importance of the lagoons to birders during migration times and has worked with the contractor doing the work on this matter.

Black-bellied Plovers and American Golden Plovers have been collecting in bare field near Blenheim and Erie Beach.  So far no Buff-breasted have been detected.  Onions were not planted at Erieau this year, so bare fields are scarce there!

This evening I had a Common Nighthawk over the house.  Around this time is peak migration time for nighthawks!

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