Monday, September 2, 2013

The Huron Shore

I headed north today.  A brisk NW was forecast, so I started at Sarnia.  Rather quiet, but the wind had not really kicked in by early morning.
I then went over to Perch Creek. Quiet again!  The only warblers I saw were a single Nashville and a single Blue-winged.  I was hoping to find Leonard's Skipper.
The day was young, so I kept going and stopped at Bright's Grove Sewage lagoons just for curiosity.  Nothing there as water was high.  This place used to be quite good and visited often, but water levels have been kept high.
The wind was picking up, so I decided to try Kettle Point.  I was there for an hour around noonish.  It was quite active at first, but things seemed to drop off.  I did see one very distant jaeger, but nothing one could do with it.  A couple hours later, I see a report of two Long-tailed Jaegers there!  Oh well, one can have only so much patience.

While there, Josh Bouman called saying that he was looking at an American Avocet on Rondeau Bay (by kayak).  Not sure I would want to go out on a windy day!

I had it in mind to check the Karner Blue Sanctuary in Port Franks for Leonard's Skipper.  I was not disappointed as I saw about a dozen or so.

Rough Blazing Star is abundant there.

I found this very worn skipper.  Perhaps it is a Leonard's, but it was almost transparent.

Found several Indian Pipe.

And a cool fungus.

Wood Nymphs are still flying, but very worn.  I saw several of those today.

On the way home I stopped at Mosside Rd. where the river crosses, but nothing seemed to be flying in the way of odes.

North of Wallaceburg, I saw a couple of Royal River Cruisers.  One perched for brief moments, but not long enough for a good photo.

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