Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mosquitoes, Waterthrushes and a Prothonotary

Started at Rondeau park this morning.  There were not a lot of birds to look at under cloudy skies.  One could not look at them anyway since swatting mosquitoes took precedence!  I do not recall mosquitoes so thick there.  Even with repellent on, it was a challenge.
I walked out south beach anyway for the exercise I guess.  Nothing was moving on the lake and little was out there.  A few warblers here and there and many Northern Waterthrushes.  As I mentioned before, the waterthrushes seem to be very numerous this year.

I looked at the bird islands, but of course a scope would have helped.

Just before I left the park, I took a walk along Harrison south of maintenance and found a large flock of warblers.  Lots of species there, including Blue-winged and Wilson's.

I then headed to Blenheim Lagoons and found another birder just arriving.  It was none other than Josh Vandermeulen, so we took a look a around.  Nothing new there.  Josh had just been to Ridgetown where nothing new was seen either.  Two Red-necked Phalaropes have been hanging out there (I saw them Thursday eve).

On to Erieau I walked the R/R track trail and farther along I found a pocket of warblers.  You guessed it, several more Northern Waterthrushes.

I also had a brief look at a Brewster's Warbler.  Could not get a photo though.


With lots of time left in the day, I headed over towards Point Pelee.  After a quick lunch in Wheatley, I looked at the harbour then over to the park.  I stopped at Blue Heron where I saw some familiar cars.
Earlier in the day, Kory Renaud had spotted a Prothonotary Warbler behind the washrooms.  Josh, Jeremy and Dwayne were there looking at numerous warblers.  Quite a few species were around, maybe up to 15.
While sitting around the picnic table, I watched birds go by and spotted the Prothonotary again. We all got on it--a first fall record for some!
A nice walk around De Laurier trail ended the afternoon.  A few warblers were there as well.

Glassy-eyed Magnolia!

Least Skipper along De Laurier

A pretty good day where I ended up with 20 species warblers.

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