Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today's Notes

I toured around today with no specific place in mind.  Just out the door this morning, an American Bittern flew over the house.  I think I have only seen it once before here!
In my travels I saw this young Bald Eagle.

I stopped at Blenheim Lagoons and saw that the water was overflowing in the sprinkler cells.  A number of shorebirds were on grass that included Pectoral Sandpipers, Lesser Yellowlegs and Least Sandpipers.  Tonight I was told more birds were present (expected) and a Long-billed Dowitcher was there.

Ridgetown had fewer birds than yesterday and the phalarope was not present.  Many birds got up and left when a sharp-shinned hawk flew over.  Also about 100 Mourning Doves got out of the weeds!

This afternoon I walked around some ponds north of here.  Dragonflies must be in a lull, as I saw very few!

A damselfly I am not going to try and ID:

Some wildflowers there included Cardinal Flower--nice to see in these parts.


Here is a closer view of the juvenile bonie (for Alan, lol) at Rondeau yesterday--the only one I saw in that flock.

Here is a photo of an insect that Dwayne mentioned recently.  They love Wild Burgemot!

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