Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Red-necked Birding

Just got to thinking last night about the Red-necked Phalarope I found at Ridgetown last Thursday, August 1. It seemed rather early!  I certainly have not seen one that early and I do not know the next date I have seen one over the years.  It is probably a record-early fall migrant at least for the Rondeau area.
I checked with Alan Wormington about Pelee records, and the earliest juvenile for there is August 7.  There is a July 6 record for an adult in the Pelee birding area, but that is certainly exceptional, and the only July record.
Actually I was surprised, and pleased,  to see a Red-necked Phalarope when I arrived!  (A bit far for a good photo).

Last year's fall migration was rather exceptional as the species was showing up everywhere in good numbers.
Blenheim Lagoons had many and numbers built to a maximum of 11 September 11.  It was an impressive sight to see that many. I managed to get all eleven lined up!
It is interesting to keep track of these things!

Recently Josh Vandermeulen posted a detailed report about rare birds in August.  I guess he had some time on his hands, lol.  An interesting post.  I do not recall many rare birds I have seen in August, but a couple heron types come to mind.  The first rare species I ever went to see (in the old days!) was Tri-colored Heron.  Two were at St. Clair NWA in late August into September 1989.  I think I saw both!  One was from the tower, then another at the triangle marsh across the road (now a corn field).  I heard about them right away, since a couple of local friends happened to visit St. Clair and find them one day. Remember, those were the days before internet and cell phones!  Better stop there, I am aging myself.....

August 26, 2000 I spent the morning birding in Rondeau, and on my way out I spotted an immature Little Blue Heron in the marsh beside Keith McLean's.  It stayed for over two weeks I think, and most got to see it.  My only self-found Little Blue.

This month I am compiling significant bird sightings in Ontario for the North American Birds (NAB) publication--Summer (June-July).  I also keep track of the sightings for Lambton and Chatham-Kent.  If you have anything worthwhile, please let me know. There are regional compilers for most districts in Ontario, so please let them know as well.  A recent Ontbirds post by Alan Wormington summarizes those involved in each area.

A good weekend coming up.......

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