Saturday, August 3, 2013

Shorebirds to Odes

Since Ridgetown is the best place nearby for shorebirds, I stopped there early this morning.  Well, it was quite foggy!  Could not see much to I went on to Rondeau for a walk.  Yellow Warblers were all over the place in many flocks.  Mosquitoes were so bad I could not stand in one spot for any length of time!  I am sure there were other warblers around somewhere.

A few gulls and terns were along the east side, but nothing of note.

An Acadian Flycatcher is still around spicebush trail, as I heard it first thing this morning.

I went back to Ridgetown and noted that the Red-necked Phalarope was still present.  There were 40+ Lesser Yellowlegs, some Least Sandpipers and a Stilt Sandpiper.  Many shorebirds hid around the corner where we cannot see though.  Something good will show up soon!

I had to go to Sombra this afternoon, so afterwards I swung over to Moore WMA.  A Tawny Emperor alighted on my car.  First one I have seen there this year.  There is a good concentration of Hackberry Trees at this place.

At the river, among the dragonflies were a couple of Royal River Cruisers.  Just for fun, I tried to get some flight shots.  Next to impossible!

I looked for Mocha Emerald in a couple of spots, but had no luck.
Lots of these damselflies were around and I though this scene was neat:


  1. "Nothing of note" in that gull flock? How about the sleeping JUVENILE Bonaparte's Gull? Might be record-early for Rondeau, for that age class?

  2. Alan, I did see the juv bonie but one would expect them this time of year. Not sure of my earliest date---not on my priority list!

  3. Blake, I forgot, you "tick" species not "study" them LOL!