Monday, August 26, 2013

'Tis the Season

Now that we are at the end of August, more bird sightings are coming in.  Finally yesterday some Buff-breasted Sandpipers were spotted at a typical location.  Shorebirds are in good numbers and it was about a year ago I went out in a kayak at Rondeau Bay.  One can approach shorebirds quite closely!  (the masthead on this blog was taken there).

It has been a good year for Western Kingbirds and one was found in the Toronto area yesterday and seen again today.  I missed the Rondeau birds (just my bad luck!) in the spring.  Even though I have one for the Rondeau list, it has been a long time seeing one.

The Snowy Egret was great to see yesterday.  I seem to do well with that one as I have self-found three in the past and was with other birders on another one at Rondeau.  It was still present today.

While at the landfill yesterday morning, we watched a biplane doing loops.

Finally, warblers are showing up in numbers.  Seemed to be a bit late in coming this fall, but I was happy to see some on the weekend.  Some were at Port Lambton this morning, the first other than Yellows, that I have seen at Brander park this fall.

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