Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Snowy Day

Went down the Rondeau area for another morning.  Main goal was to see the Snowy Egret at the landfill.  Keith Burk took us (Jim, Steve, Allen and myself) in to see the ponds.  We saw the Snowy Egret right away in the distant pond.
Great Egret, Snowy Egret, Great Blue Heron!

It seemed rather nervous and flew around a bit, eventually perching in a tree with Great Egrets.

"Baby" Egret

When we first arrived, a large flock of Mallards dropped in, and of course as we approached the pond, they all got up including the egrets.

A few shorebirds were present, but nothing special.

SBD's (No LLB's)

At one point, a Peregrine Falcon came in to scatter all the birds.  It gave chase to a Pectoral Sandpiper for the longest time, giving us quite a show.  Not sure who won, but this was an inexperienced peregrine that should have caught the sandpiper at some point!
"I am doomed!"

A drive around the landfill revealed a Great Horned Owl on a snag.

A quick check of Blenheim lagoons turned up only one Red-necked Phalarope among the usual species.
After the landfill outing, Steve and I went down to the Erieau R/R track trail and we found quite a few warblers.  A large number of Magnolia was present.  At one point we had about 8 maggies in a bunch!

After lunch I swung over to Ridgetown and saw nothing different from yesterday.  Would someone please find a Marbled Godwit? lol.  Getting boring there.....

For one last walk, I stopped north of Wallaceburg and was somewhat surprised to find  a worn sedge skipper.  Dion or Dukes?  Probably Dion, but it was quite worn.

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