Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blenheim S.T.P.--News

Although I have not been to Blenheim since Sunday morning, the first pond continues to be drained.  Dike repair is scheduled sometime after Labour Day and no public access will be allowed.  That will remain in effect until about mid October or when construction is completed.

However, recent efforts by Darren Galbraith (and his team), area PUC manager, will give Ontario Field Ornithologists (OFO) members and their guests access September 28-29 in conjunction with the annual OFO convention.  Access will only be granted on that weekend!
We can be grateful and appreciative of the municipal employees (and the construction company)  in recognizing the needs of birders in the area.  They have always worked with us in the past and know the importance of the lagoon complex as a feeding spot or rest-stop for birds.

The work is being done immediately inside the birder's gate, so when we do get access, be respectful of equipment.
With the pond being drained, no doubt some good habitat for migrating shorebirds will be seen, so perhaps this weekend may be quite good.

An OFO field trip to the lagoons is scheduled as part of the conference on September 29.  Maris Apse and myself will lead the outing starting at 13:00h after our morning in Rondeau Provincial Park.

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  1. Hey Blake, good on the team for getting access during the OFO convention! Will birders be allowed in during that weekend even if it isn't part of an official convention outing? I'm just wondering if I can have a look on my way home on the Sunday...I have a pass with the municipality...thanks for the info!