Saturday, August 24, 2013

Some Rondeau Birds Today

Today was just to do a tour of the Rondeau birding area.  I started at sun-up at Ridgetown lagoons.  Only a few shorebirds were seen, a far cry from what Josh Vandermeulen reported yesterday.  I quickly moved on to Rondeau Park.  There is still quite a bit of water in the sloughs, unusual for this time of year, hence the mosquitoes are still horrendous!  Repellent required!
Early Morning Oriole

I walked the east side of south point trail, and nary a warbler seen.  It was not until I got to the corner where the back side of the trail heads north that I found a small pocket of warblers.  At least three Northern Waterthrushes were there among other species.  Seems to be a lot of waterthrushes this fall!

It was a good day to walk out the south beach.  Potential for something good is always there.  Lots of cormorants were moving today and hundreds were on the islands. Too far away!  Jim Burk reported a small cormorant at Erie Beach today--likely one of those Neo types.  I think those Neotropic Cormorants will now be seen more often.
Neotropic Cormorant anyone?

Lots of Caspians today!

In the treed areas out the beach I found quite a few warblers.  Up to ten species including several Magnolia, Tennessee, redstart, etc.  Also a Philadelphia Vireo or two.

American Redstart

Shorebirds were scarce-only a couple Semiplovers and a Pec.  I kept my eye out for one of those pelican types, but to no avail.  The Wheatley Brown Pelican's visa expired and it returned to Cleveland yesterday.  Perhaps it will revisit.

Raptors included an Osprey and a Merlin today.

I left the mosquitoes behind and headed over to Blenheim lagoons.  It was somewhat disappointing.  Two Red-necked Phalaropes were in the first pond--one adult and one juv.  The combinations keep changing, so everyday is different!

Headed down to Erieau and did a thorough search of the area for pelicans.  None to be found.  I scanned the shoreline opposite the R/R track trail and the only thing of interest was a topless woman sunning on the rocks (LOL).  I am sure she wondered about the binoculars pointed in her direction...

After a BLT Sub, I went back to Ridgetown on the way home and noted a few more shorebirds.  A Red-necked Phalarope was in view.  Perhaps it was there earlier, but part of the lagoon is not visible from the viewing stand.
Liatris cylindracea

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