Thursday, August 15, 2013

Local Lagoon Birding

(a spring photo by MPJB)

It is the time of year when lots of shorebirds are moving through and birders are actively checking sewage lagoons.  Suitable habitat is the key in attracting a number of shorebirds.
The south pond at Ridgetown is excellent, but nothing too notable has been found as yet.  With some time on my hands, I travelled over there this evening. Things are constantly changing so morning could be completely different than evening!  Quite a few Lesser Yellowlegs were in late today with a few other species including a couple of Solitary Sandpipers.  Lighting was not great for photos, but it was a nice calm evening.

I have not been to Blenheim for almost two weeks, but water is very high there.  Some shorebirds are attracted to the overflowing sprinkler cells.  Quite a few species were reported earlier this week, including a couple of Red-necked Phalaropes.
(last year!)

Reconstruction of the dike around pond 4 is scheduled to begin just after Labour Day, so there may be no access for birders after that.  Work will hopefully be completed by mid October.  The lagoon manager is aware that birders would like access, so some access may be granted with restrictions.  That is not certain, so stay tuned!


Travelling to work each morning I may see numerous Sandhill Cranes in the wheat fields.  Usually they are far back on the concession, but sometimes close.  A common sight anymore!

The weekend is approaching....something of note is waiting to be found....!

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