Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pelee Party

The nice weather continued into the weekend.  Today was a bit on the warm side, but finally we had a nice weekend as many things were happening.

A few weeks ago an August 10 get-together was planned by Kory Renaud at Point Pelee and Kingsville for many of the regulars (No LLB's) who visit Pelee.  A number of us met early Saturday morning for a day in the park.
Migration of passerines has been slow to get going, but a few of those and others were around.  A Canada Warbler at Sparrow Field, a couple of Yellow-bellied Flycatchers, Northern Waterthrushes and a Swainson Thrush were noted on Saturday.
Common Loons are now showing up as three were seen flying by the Tip area.
Of course gulls and terns and ducks are on the move, but nothing too notable was seen.  Shorebirds are here and there as well.

A few took canoes or kayaks out the Pelee marsh later in the afternoon, and found a number of shorebirds, but nothing unusual.

From the Tip, we walked up west beach trail looking for butterflies. Few are around this year, but we did find one Olive Hairstreak.  After it nectared on Spotted Knapweed, it alighted on Chris Law's cap!

Only one Common Buckeye was seen, but a couple of Wild Indigo Duskywings were along the west beach.

After a filling lunch at Birdie's Perch (the red bus), we went back into the park and to the Tip area.  While walking up the west side trail, a jaeger was spotted.  I did not get satisfying looks at it, but some others did and Josh Vandermeulen even got a record photo.  It was later concluded to be a subadult Parasitic Jaeger, a rare sight for the date!  One would more likely expect a Long-tailed at this time.


Kory and his wife Sarah hosted a spectacular party at their place just west of Kingsville.  It was a warm, calm and clear evening for the event.  After dark around the fire, we could see meteors now and then. Tomorrow is the peak time for the Perseid Meteor Shower, an annual event that astronomy buffs look forward to.

This morning I went into the park early.  It was even quieter than yesterday, but some activity was at the Tip.

Birds on the Shore

More shorebirds were present including Sanderling, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Least Sandpiper and at one point a Greater Yellowlegs flew over.  I pretty much had the Tip to myself for two hours except when the "Sunday" shift arrived.  The others had slept in--something I never do!
Kingbird of the East

Rough-winged Swallows

Swallows were plentiful this weekend and a number of birds attempted to fly off the Tip.
Bank Swallow

Lots of Yellow Warblers are still around, but migrants from the north are now showing up after a late spring.  I found a couple of Northern Waterthrushes on Shuster Trail.  An American Redstart on De Laurier was the only other warbler besides Common Yellowthroat.

Butterflies were even scarcer today it seemed.
Tawny Emperor

Giant Swallowtails were numerous

Perhaps the most notable butterfly was a Fiery Skipper I saw in Kory's backyard.  First and only one I have seen this year!  No photo taken, lol.

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