Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Eve Tour

Just went out for an evening drive to Port Lambton.  Saw lots of Sandhill Cranes along the way.
A Great Egret was at Stewart Wetland all day--first I have seen there in a while.  Potential for a good heron there soon!

Green Herons are out and about too.  They nest in the area of course.

Virtually no migrants at Brander Park yet--very quiet.  I thought this scene on the pond was neat.  A rather small lilypad with mating damsels.

There were several Eastern Amberwings and some darners.  Must have been an emergence of darners today--lots were around.

Just before dark a couple of Common Nighthawks were milling about over the house--first I have noticed this month.  Lots of swallows of various species around too.

Back to some 'goon birding tomorrow!  (lots reported at Blenheim today)

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