Sunday, July 7, 2013

Skunked on the Skunk's Count

Scheduled today was the Skunk's Misery butterfly count.  It is always the first Sunday in July.  Strangely, the weather forecast was almost spot on!  We had mostly cloudy skies today (until late afternoon) and off and on rain.  Depending on where you were during the afternoon, you had either rain or sun!

Numbers of butterflies were extremely low this year, but the count ended up with 45 species.  Probably the best butterfly was an American Snout.
I took Centreville Road for the morning which is usually good, but not today.  The mosquitoes were horrendous at times and we walked long distances without seeing any butterflies.  We only had a paltry 11 species for the morning!  At one point I think we had more Hooded Warblers than butterfly species.
It seems to be a good year for Hooded Warblers in the area since I heard/saw at least ten today. Near the end of the walk we got a singing Cerulean Warbler.  It was in a usual locale, but nice to hear.

Our only American Lady of the day

In the early afternoon we went up to the Crown land at Mosside and Watterworth.  There were a few butterflies, but soon it started to rain.  A few Great Spangled Fritillaries were here, including a mangled great-spangled (road kill).  The same birds I had a couple of weeks ago were still present too.
I was on my own from then on, but it rained a better part of the afternoon.  I went to an excellent spot where Mosside crossed the Sydenham (location of the old bridge).  However, I had to go out in between rain storms!  I did get a few butterflies, but far fewer than I should have.  Common Wood Nymphs did not seem to mind the wet.

The rest of the afternoon I drove around.  There were a few good roadside spots, but it was too wet.
One of a few Banded Hairstreaks

As I write this it is pouring rain yet again.  Hope for dry sunny weather next Sunday when we are at Rondeau!

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  1. Blake

    Re that last photo, you might want to change the caption to Black Dash (rather than Delaware Skipper). Just saying!