Saturday, July 6, 2013

Butterflies in Windsor July 6

Today I went down to the annual Ojibway butterfly count.  As usual it was a hot and humid day!  We had a fair bit of sun despite the weather forecast.  Our group (Jeff Larson, Paul Desjardens, Ian Woodfield, Dwayne Murhphy) ended up with around 44 species. Numbers were low of course, but we were happy with the outcome.
We started at Brunet Park fighting mosquitoes and few butterflies.  First butterfly was a Red Admiral which turned out to be the only one of the day! Things soon picked up when we got to the pond area with a number of species being seen.  This included a couple of Southern Cloudywings, and eventually one Northern.

Wild Indigo Duskywing was here as well as one Dion Skipper.  We have had Dukes' here in the past.

Hairstreaks were a bit scarce, but we did see some Coral, Edwards' and Banded.  Usually we get  quite a few Hickory, but none were to be found!

Little Glassywings were plentiful at Brunet.

We also found two Hobomok Skippers.  I'm open to suggestions on this one:

Just before lunch, we slid over to a spot near Black Oak Heritage Park and got Common Sootywing and Mourning Cloak for the day.

After lunch we ventured in the Spring Garden complex and found quite a few Black Dash.  Actually we had many and it was certainly the most I have seen in one outing!

More Acadian, Coral, Edwards' Hairstreaks were found.

At the hill, we found more Wild Indigos and the only Monarch of the day.

At the north end there were several Edwards' hairstreaks and at least three American Coppers in a usual spot.

It was a successful day in my opinion!

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  1. Blake, great photos of some great butterflies. I will have to go back to Brunet next week and see if those Hickory Hairstreaks were just late. Good luck at Skunks Misery if you go!