Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Baltimore!

I went up to McKeough for a quick walk this evening.  Did not stay long as it was too hot and muggy!  However, as soon as I got out of the car, I saw a Baltimore Checkerspot.  It was a first for the summer, but it turned out there were about a half dozen flying around.  This one was a bit worn, but others were fresher.

I have had them there before, just about the only spot in the area that I have seen them.  They are attractive butterflies.  I recall the first one I saw was up at Rainy River (back in the old days, lol).

Common Milkweed is plentiful this year but few butterflies to take advantage.  Hairstreaks love it, but of course I have not seen many hairstreaks this year.
It was late in the day, but some odes were out including another Pronghorn Clubtail.

Some damsels were out too, but they are certainly not my area of expertise.  Some of them can have colour variations which makes it more difficult.  And of course males and females can differ.  I do not want to put captions on the photos in case I am wrong!  I think these are Blue-fronted Dancers (blue and brown females).


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