Thursday, July 4, 2013

Recent Book Acquisition - Odes!

The last couple of years I have taken more of an interest in dragonflies and damselflies.  Not only was last year (2012) good for butterflies, it was good for dragonflies as well.  Among others, I saw a couple of different Great Blue Skimmers (one at Skunk's Misery and one at Point Pelee).

This past weekend I finally bought the Dennis Paulson guide for Dragonflies and Damselflies.  Although it came out a couple of years ago I am glad I bought it.  I am not going to do a review here, but I find it quite useful.

Flag-tailed Spinyleg (a common specialty locally)

The Sydenham River in my area is great for uncommon to rare odes.  The Mocha Emerald resides here and is found at many locations.  It was not too many years ago it was discovered as a new species for Ontario.
Mocha Emerald

Royal River Cruiser

This summer I hope to look for more species!

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  1. I have that book too and find it very useful. Great for identification, and a good resource on some natural history aspects.

    Have you seen America's Other Audubon by Joy M. Kiser? (I just got it for my birthday).

    It is more of a coffee table book, but is also informative and beautiful to flip through.