Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More on gulls and odes

Looking at the gulls on Monday at Point Pelee was interesting.  It was something like a fall day with all the activity!  The Lesser Black-backed Gulls were the most I have seen in one spot at one time.  Hard to say how many were around, but we counted about ten at one time.  Most were easily identified as first summer.  There were a few (at least three) second summer.  Aging them is sometimes tricky.  (Thanks to Kevin McLaughlin for looking at my photos).  According to Kevin second summer Lessers are more adult-like than second winter birds, but some are tricky.  I originally thought a couple of them could be loosely labelled third cycle, but in this case calling them second summer is more accurate.
Some different photos from Monday:

After supper today I went for a quick walk up at McKeough CA Dam.  No shenanigans here!  I encountered one Pronghorn Clubtail.  Flag-tailed Spinylegs should be showing up anytime, but late day is not a good to to go looking!

Some different damselflies were flying about including these Rainbow Bluets doing their thing.

Some others.

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