Friday, July 26, 2013

More Summer Scenes

Today was rather nice before the usual weekend deterioration in weather.  I went for a walk in a couple of spots.  Many prairie type wildflowers are in bloom.  A few butterflies and dragonflies were around.  A group of Giant Swallowtails was basking on the mud at Moore.

I found one hairstreak there, an Edwards'.  Worn of course.

I did not seem many dragonflies today, but one Royal River Cruiser perched only a couple of seconds.  It was not long enough to get the camera on it!
Spiked Blazing Star is coming into bloom, as are other prairie plants.  With all the rain this summer, some are doing quite well.

Compass Plant

Culver's Root

Gray-headed Coneflower

Here are a couple from the trip to Bruce County:
St. John's Wort

Indian Paint Brush

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