Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Wanderings

It was a rather boring weekend (and yes, I did just read Brandon's blog! --not that is usually boring, but is an interesting read) and the weather did not co-operate.  As usual, the one weekend where we needed good weather for a local boat show, it had to rain and be very windy.
One of the boat I restored heading to Sarnia

Yesterday I checked out Ridgetown S.T.P. and there is fairly good habitat in the south pond for shorebirds.  Short-billed Dowitchers (3), Semi sands and plovers, Least sands and yellowlegs were in.  Blenheim is no good at all this year!
I went for a walk in Rondeau as well and noted bunches of Yellow Warblers ready to head out.  A number of gulls and terns were on the lake, but I did not see any baby bonies.  A couple of Black Terns, including a juvie were mixed in.

Today with the strong SSW wind (much stronger than predicted), I went over to Point Pelee.
Same thing with bunches of Yellow Warblers.  I did note, however, a Northern Waterthrush along Shuster Trail close to the Dukes' Skipper bridge.
The Tip was rather dead except for a few gulls.  I walked back east beach and by the time I got to Sparrow Field, many big gulls were congregating at the Tip--too late to go back!  Only a few bonies were around.
A number of Sanderlings were at the Tip and along east beach.  Up to about twenty.  I saw no other shorebirds other than spotties.

Butterflies and dragonflies were scarce, but Spot-winged Gliders seemed to be most numerous today.

I then walked west beach trail back south where a few of butterflies and dragons were around, but nothing special.  Spotted Knapweed and White Sweet Clover is pretty thick this year, probably due to the clearing the park did last year.  Unless they do some serious burning, things are going to be worse for growth in those clearings!
Northern Broken Dash seemed to be the most numerous butterfly today.

On another note, I was going through photos from last weekend and saw this one.  Maybe a Little Glassywing?  Unless it is an artefact of lighting, there is white at the base of the antennal clubs.  However, reference material I have on the species does not show it quite that far north.  Photo taken within MacGregor Point Provincial park.

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  1. I read your blog earlier but didn't really pay too much attention to the details of your Northern Waterthrush sighting. Late today I went for a quick walk down Shuster Trail and had a Northern Waterthrush. Same place! Same bird!