Monday, July 1, 2013

Gull Mania Point Pelee Tip

For some reason I headed to Point Pelee this morning.  I should have been there 24h earlier when an apparent Royal Tern was sitting on the Tip!  I heard about it this morning when I arrived.  The original observers were there first thing.

There was a strong easterly wind and gulls were everywhere.  There were very few Bonaparte's, unlike last weekend, but other species were present.  Most were Ring-billed, but lots of Herring, some Great Black-backed and several Lesser Black-backed.  In fact there were at least ten (10) Lessers around, and certainly more.

Four were older birds, but the rest were immatures.

Only a couple of Caspian Terns made an appearance.  Not much else in variety.

I did not check other parts of the park since it was very windy, gloomy and too many people!


  1. What's the gull with the all yellow bill third from the left in the second juvenile LBBG photos? Is that a juvenile LBBG? I've never seen one with a completely pale bill

  2. I think it may just be a Herring Gull with a rather pale bill. Looks larger than LBBG.