Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Signs of Summer!

We are now on the downward slide and winter is right around the corner!  Days are getting shorter....
The wacky weather continues though.  Last night we had a torrential downpour of rain--probably 3+ inches and everything was flooded.  Today turned out to be a nice day though.

This afternoon I got out and looked around (had to wear boots with all the water!).  Some butterflies were out and finally some hairstreaks.  They are late this year and few and far between so far.  Here are some photos:

Finally saw some Silvery Checkerspots too.  One very worn, the other not too bad.

I stopped by the ponds out Bickford Line and noted some dragonflies.  One pond had six species flying around.  All common stuff, but here are three:

Of interest was this abherrant Gray Comma.  Must be a semi-comma?

Hooded mergs are around again, but I only saw the female today.

Last evening I went for a walk along the trail at Mitchell's Bay.  The usual heron types made their appearance (Green, Black-crowned Night-heron, Great Egrets, Great Blue).

In the distance I could see Pied-billed Grebes and (finally) a Common Gallinule.  Those gallinules seem to be difficult to find anymore!
(there are grebes and a gallinule in this photo!!)

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