Sunday, June 23, 2013

Middlesex Birds/Butterflies

Ventured up into Middlesex County this morning.  Firstly, I stopped at the old Blackwell Landfill at Sarnia.  No change there and certainly no Dickcissels have dropped in.  Grasshopper Sparrows still along the road, but of course the grass has now been mowed around the solar panels.

I headed straight for Clark Wright CA south of Strathroy.  It is a neat little place with lots of wildlife.  Pine Warbler nests there and I heard one today.  American Redstart was there. The surprise of the day was a singing White-eyed Vireo.  It took a while for it to pop out.  I did not get very good photos though.

A variety of butterflies was there as well.  Firsts of the year included Northern Pearly-eye and Appalachian Eyed-Brown.

Also saw some others including Silver-spotted Skipper and Common Ringlet.

I checked the pastures along Walker's Line and Calvert Roads.  Some Grasshopper Sparrows, and I heard only one Upland Sandpiper.  No Dickcissels this year, yet.

Next stop was the woods at the county line.  The usual Hooded Warblers and Acadian Flycatchers were seen/heard.  The Magnolia Warbler put on a good show along the road.  In fact there has to be two or three in the area.

I decided to go over to Skunk's Misery and walk the trail along Sassafras Road.  The usual Chestnut-sided Warblers were singing away as well as a couple of Blue-winged Warblers.

Butterflies were along here including this Peck's Skipper.

Also a duskywing which appeared to be a worn Juvenal's.

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