Thursday, June 27, 2013

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It has been very wet this week around here.  Hope to get out this weekend between rain storms!  No butterfly counts near here this weekend which is unusual, but that is the way the calendar goes.  Next weekend is Ojibway on Saturday and Skunk's Misery on Sunday.  Both are excellent counts that one can expect a good variety of species.  However, this year numbers are certainly low.
Some more photos from this past week.  Not sure if the Black-headed Gull is still at Pelee, but it sure blends in well with the bonies!

I like taking random photos of groups of birds so that when I get home I can study them closer on the computer screen.  Sometimes surprises can be picked out.  Here are a couple of photos from Pelee last weekend.  I mentioned earlier that one of my earlier photos had the Black-headed Gull within, but I did not realize it at the time. (blends in well with bonies!).

With the wet weather, times to look for butterflies are limited.  Here is another view of the Northern Oak Hairstreak.  I hate the name Southern Hairstreak which it was lumped with many years ago.  The actual southern counterpart looks quite different.

Hackberry butterflies were out and about when I visited Skunk's Misery last Sunday.

Here is a damsel (at Moore WMA). ???  Note tongue sticking out!

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  1. Blue-tipped Dancer, a southwestern specialty in Ontario.