Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some Gulls. No LLB's.

No knowing what the weather was going to be today  (who does anymore?), I selected Plan B.  Point Pelee.
It was a good choice.  Dickcissels were already reported down that way, and on the way I heard and saw one male singing beside Hillman Shorebird Cell.  Did not hear one on conc. D from the sideroad.

On to the park....  I walked to the Tip and I was greeted with lots of activity.  In fact I stayed there at least two hours!
Lots of gulls and some terns.  10-12 Caspian Terns were about among the four usual species of gulls.  At one point I was trying to photograph some gulls and terns, but in the background was a Black-headed Gull.  I did not realize it at the time!

But, there it was and it eventually worked to the east side of the Tip sand. I have lots of photos.

I assume this was the same one spotted by Alan Wormington last Sunday. An adult in basic plumage?!

Gulls were coming and going and at one point a first summer Little Gull flew in.

But wait, a nice adult was right beside it!

Later I spotted another Little Gull, but this one was in a slightly different plumage, closer to second winter?  I did not get a photo of it though.

Many birds were flying off the Tip, or coming to the Tip. One young male Orchard Oriole flew off which I assume to be an early fall migrant?
A Great Crested Flycatcher perched at the last tree for a  while. (a Western Kingbird would have been preferable!).

A Northern Mockingbird was working the Tip area as well. It was not photogenic.

I checked De Laurier with nothing noteworthy, then walked out the marsh boardwalk.

After a lunch at Birdie's Perch (perch dinner) I headed over to Hillman.  The dickcissel was still singing away, but it seemed to be the only one.  I walked around the entire cell.  Few butterflies, but I came across my first Common Buckeye of the year.  It was very worn though.

Also saw a Delaware Skipper (obviously not within Point Pelee lol), and Bronze Copper, both firsts for the year.

Stopped by the Dickcissel field east of Wheatley, but did not go in.  A couple of birds were singing atop old mullein stocks.

Next stop was Blenheim lagoons, but nothing of note there.  Lots of mallards and 3 Blue-winged Teal.  The field has just been mowed.....some pissed off grassland birds were milling about. No Dickcissels in the area though.

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  1. It was me and Steve Pike that saw the gull -- not Pete Bondy! In fact, Pete has made several unsuccessful visits trying to find either the current bird or the earlier one-year-old Black-headed.