Saturday, May 18, 2013

Birds: A Day of Variety

Got an early start at Rondeau this morning, but not early enough for nightjars or owls!  Although there was not a huge number of birds around, the variety was there.  I finally got a few years birds including an Orange-crowned early on.
The number of warblers was pretty good as I saw at least two dozen species.  Added Blackpoll, Mourning and a very brief look at a Kentucky today.

Lots of Yellow-rumped are still around and American Redstarts made up for the bulk of warblers.
It is a good year for Hooded Warblers as today a few were around the park.  We heard one on spicebush trail, then looking for a male Hooded on tulip tree trail that one fellow just photographed, we came across an active female.

Sorting through many Swainson's Thrushes I finally got a look at a Gray-Cheeked today for the year.
A few Scarlet Tangers brightened up the day.

Over at Blenheim Lagoons, a good number of shorebirds were in.  The ever-numerous Dunlins stole the show.  Interestingly I did not see a Wilson's Phalarope.  There have been up to 8 recently.
Here are some shorebirds from today.

With the day not done, I bypassed Erieau and headed over to Hillman.  The only different shorebird was a Short-billed Dowitcher for the day.  But, shorebirds were coming and going all the time.  There was a nice selection of duck including at least 7 species.

I ended the day with 131 species without a lot of effort and checking other spots for different species.
The next couple of days look promising for more birds.

Showy Orchis

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