Monday, May 20, 2013

Holiday Heydey at Rondeau

Sunrise at Rondeau yesterday

Yesterday and especially today saw a big influx of vireos and flycatchers.  Today especially it was evident as many types of flycatchers were all over and vireos, mainly the Philly type, were everywhere at Rondeau.
The weather was quite pleasant along the lake this weekend, but farther inland it was almost unbearably hot! The weather this month certainly has been wacky, as last week it was unbearably cold!  Too many east winds too.

However it was a joy to be out looking for birds today.  There were lots of birds to look at and it was even better than yesterday.  Steve Charbonneau and I cleaned up on all the regular flycatchers this morning, both migrant and resident.  Several Yellow-bellied were seen and some Alder up near maintenance were calling.
I decided on a hunch that we better check spicebush trail for Acadian.  Sure enough the same one from last year was calling in the same area.  It had that odd call, not your typical Acadian call, that gave it away.  A second one was nearby as well.
We did get a look at an Olive-sided atop a dead tree also.  It was not calling unfortunately, but it was obvious what it was.

A good variety of warblers was around yesterday and today with lots of Magnolia, Blackburnian, American Redstart, Chestnut-sided, etc.  A number of Yellow-rumped are still hanging around too.  There was no shortage of warblers today as well.  Several spots in the park were  excellent for viewing.

crappy photo of a Philly Vireo

The last couple of days saw an influx of Blackpoll and Mourning Warblers.  To be expected at this time, but a sign things are coming to an end.
female Blackpoll

Mourning in the Morning

Yesterday afternoon I decided to walk out the south beach.  Hardly a thing was on the lake!
Rondeau Marsh

I did see a Sandhill Crane flying over the marsh, but not much else.  At one point I found a few shorebirds that included a couple of Short-billed Dowitchers among others. In the distance were a few Whimbrel.  Eight species total.

There were a couple of Philadelphia Vireos way out the beach on my walk.  The woody areas (very little left due to severe erosian) quite often hold passerines and it is interesting what we find out there.  A couple of times we have come across Prothonotary Warblers for example.

On spicebush trail today we were intrigued by a Pileated Woodpecker.

This afternoon I stopped at Blenheim Lagoons.  Nothing new really, but lots of shorebirds have been in the sprinklers lately.  I met up with Mike Nelson there and we looked over the lot.  Three Ruddy Turnstones were of interest.  Only two Wilson's Phalaropes today.

Managed to get a good photo of a Savannah Sparrow...

Yellow-billed Cuckoo from yesterday....

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