Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mid May Birding

Great Blue this morning at Stewart

We finally have some decent weather (now that my time off has since expired!).  And birds are coming in.
At times in the last ten days, birding was slow as a turtle.

Some uncommon to rare birds made up for it though.  I guess the Mississippi Kite at Rondeau will be the one self-found (with Steve) highlight of the season.  (Too stunned to get a quick photo!)

Rondeau has had some goodies lately such at the Kirtland's Warbler seen today out Marsh Trail by some lucky park employees!
This morning quite a number of new birds arrived at Brander Park including flycatchers, vireos and about ten species of warblers.  Nothing new for the year, but it was enjoyable to sort through.  Included was Eastern Wood Peewee (only my third of the year!) and Great-crested Flycatcher (only a few so far this year!).
Green Heron lurking in Tilden's Woods

The birds were singing which helped as some trees are near full leaf-out.  Often people ask how you find so many birds, but knowing the songs and calls is a huge part of birding.  One need to learn the sounds!  When birds sing this time of year as the trees are leafed out, you search a little harder.

Pine Siskins have been moving through lately and Red-breasted Nuthatches are still moving through.  One  was calling outside my window as I woke up this morning.

With the lack of rain (again) recently, some mud is showing in various places.  Now is peak time for shorebirds and lots were at Hillman today and Blenheim judging by the reports.
Solitary Sand at Wheatley

I expect to see lots of birds this weekend in my travels, and hopefully there will be some highlights.

Abherrant Red Trillium at Rondeau

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