Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rondeau: Juncos to Sapsuckers

As one would expect this time of year, hoardes of Dark-eyed Juncos are around.  Some large flocks were along the roadways today.  I looked hard for Oregon types, but only found one I would call a female Oregon.  There is always lots of variation in juncos and so many intergrades are seen.  It seems we do not see a good pure Oregon that often anymore.

I found this junco near the visitor centre.  I assume it is retaining some juvenile plumage.  It stood out anyway.

I spent the first couple of hours or so with Steve Charbonneau and we noted a large number of Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers everywhere.  Perhaps in our travels we came across around 40.  It is difficult to estimate the number in the park since most of it is inaccessible, but one can assume there were many times that number.

Warblers still have not arrived for the most part.  We came across only two Yellow-rumped (I found a third later) and at least one Pine Warbler.  If the warm temps come this week, there will be lots!  But who knows, as the weather forecasters have screwed up the last two weekends.  Oh heck they screw up most of the time.....

We saw our first Ruby-crowned Kinglets today among the many Goldens.
Large number of Eastern Phoebes still around.
Common Loons were migrating in numbers today as we saw several.  Over in Elgin, Dave Martin noted the first significant numbers as well.

A Red-headed Woodpecker was in today.  It was in the area of the McArthur's and quite vocal.
The Red-headed on Erieau Road is still around!  I caught sight of it as soon as I arrived and it now sports a red head.

It was a good day for woodpeckers, as I saw all the usual types.  We came across at least two Pileated Woodpeckers in different areas of the park.  Nice to see since they seem to 'hibernate' during the winter!

With all the rain, there are lots of puddle for shorebirds and the like.  However I only saw a few yellowlegs just outside Rondeau despite lots of looking.
Bonaparte's Gulls were in the fields but I could not find anything different with them.

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