Sunday, April 14, 2013

No Butterflies Today!

At the Tip

Nothing much to report today.  I foolishly believed the weather forecast and went to Point Pelee today to meet up with some friends.  It was supposed to be warmer and sunny today.  **NOT**!  Same old, same old......

Anyway, birds (what few there were) fed on the ground.  Lots of kinglets and we found this one with a bright crown.

Yellow-rumped Warblers could be counted on one hand.  The Louisiana Waterthrush was still at the Tip area, but our group did not see it.

A couple of Merlins and Kestrels were around. Lighting was horrible today as you might expect.

Hillman had the usual shorebirds around the bridge area.  Wet spots in the fields revealed little in the way of shorebirds though.

Long range forecast looks like cool and rainy next weekend.  I like that because it will be almost guaranteed warm and sunny!

Morning mergs.....

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  1. Blake, nice LOWA ... I had a feeling one would be seen this weekend.