Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Showers...

In the last 24h we have had heavy rain.  Much needed!  Things were pretty dry and water levels terribly low.    Some mudflats are now covered with water, but we needed the rain.  Last weekend the sloughs at Rondeau were looking pretty dry and at Pelee very dry!

Quite a few Tree Swallows were around today.  They will have a tough time in the next couple of days with the cold weather.  These ones were at Stewart Wetland late today.

Two Pectoral Sands/muskrat/Am. Wigeon

Three Great Egrets flew out of the wetland when I arrived for a look.  A couple of Pecs were in today.

Every year is different, and a year ago we had lots of birds checked off by this time.  Even the Snowy Owl was still at Blenheim.

A year ago this coming weekend, a Yellow-throated Vireo (record early) was at Rondeau.  Warblers included Yellow-rumped, Pine, Palm, Black-throated Green.

Back on April 13, 2001, things were early and I recall seeing Yellow, Orange-crowned, Black-throated Green at Rondeau.
It looks like a cool weekend coming, but hopefully there will be birds to see at Pelee or elsewhere on Saturday!

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  1. I like your Swallow pic !
    Reminds me of a teacher lecturing
    in front of a class ! LOL