Monday, April 15, 2013

A Year's Difference!

Even a day makes a difference.  (i.e. Yesterday to today).  But, the sun was out and it was very warm today.    Oh yes, it is Monday!
A year ago today was the big Red Admiral invasion. It was a Sunday and I was at Rondeau.  I noticed quite a few Red Admirals, but it was obvious later in the day that thousands were moving east.  Later I went over to Erieau and was curious about all the Red Admirals I was seeing.  Heading home through Chatham (and I stopped at the theatre to see a movie!) the butterflies seemed endless.  In the yard there were at least 50 fluttering about.  If I had 50, what about the thousands of other yards and points in between?
Obviously millions had moved into Ontario, most moving in an easterly direction.  Quite a show! As the day went on, numbers increased.
I had also stopped at Blenheim Lagoons that afternoon and noted some there.  As well, an early Question Mark.

Speaking of the lagoons at Blenheim, someone has been messing with the gate.  The chain had gone missing--the only way to secure the gate with the lock.  Since the gate door and post has 'separated' many years ago, a chain was necessary.  Access to the lagoon site is a privilege, so we should keep an eye out for these things.  Local birders especially. On the weekend a local birder took necessary steps to obtain a new chain and secure it properly, otherwise the site would be unlocked.  On occasion I have noticed that some people mess with the setup which makes it more difficult to open the gate.  Please leave it alone!  It is not difficult to open the lock if you use it properly.
There is no single person who looks after this, as we all look out for each other.
As well, I have seen the gate left wide open several times!  (nobody around).  How difficult is it to close and lock the gate when you leave?
Likely anyone reading this is not guilty, but it takes just a couple of people to screw it up for the majority.  We have had and good setup and great success with Blenheim, so let us keep it that way.  We do not want to lose access.
(just a little rant I had to make tonight!)

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  1. As an active volunteer at the Lagoons also, I enjoyed your "Rant". I did put a "plea" on Ontbirds requesting more care from our visitors. I'm happy to tell you that I received a kind thank you note from a gentleman in
    Toronto, and another nice thank you note from a lady from Dresden.
    No doubt they are both volunteers with "something"--and know the value of "volunteers". As you said
    --the "guilty" are probably not reading the posts and blogs. I expect 99.95 % of birders are very
    caring people, and good citizens.