Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today's Tidbits

A beautiful day to be out--clear and calm.  But I was at work all day!  I did my dawn check of the river at Port Lambton and there was quite a show.  Flock after flock of ducks, most (1000+) heading north and some swimming.  A couple hundred gulls too! Only one big ivory-coloured gull though.

Some Cans

It was certainly the most active morning I have seen this winter at the location.  60% of the ducks were Canvasback, so they have certainly arrived en masse lately.  Most of the rest were Redhead with some Mallard, Common Goldeneye and scaup.  No camera today, but nothing special to capture.
Reports today include a couple of Northern Pintail at Sombra.  Perhaps these came in earlier on the last warm spell, as there had not been any others around that I know.

Lots of snow for the next day or so. Travelling will be limited.  Hopefully not too much as those parks along the St. Clair Parkway are never ploughed!

A Mean Gull!

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