Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Gull Gab on the St. Clair

Foggy Start!
CGGS Griffon

I checked out the St. Clair River again today.  Most of the activity was at Willow Park in front of LGS, so that is where I parked most of the time!  It is tough to determine numbers as the gulls are continually moving, fighting, sleeping, riding ice floes downriver then flying upriver to catch another ride......
Two More Glaucous


The Fight is On!

At LGS there were probably 30ish Glaucous Gulls there today.  At least 5 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 2 Kumlien's and a probably Thayer's which was rather distant.  Then of course the countless Herring, plentiful Great Black-backed and couple of Ring-billed.  No hybrids today, but there was an oddity that Josh picked out yesterday.  There have been two different Nelson's Gulls, one or two Great Black-backed X Herring and a possible Glaucous X Great Black-backed.
One of the Lessers

Another Lesser coming in.....

I find it quite entertaining to sit and watch all these gulls.  As alluded to before, it is not every winter we get lots of gulls on the river (and this year has been the best ever for numbers), but it is something I enjoy.
I still could not find anything new today, but one can only keep trying.

Dirt Gull

Today I noticed a lot more Canvasback on the river in various spots.  Ducks were actually spread in good numbers all along the river and the head of Stag Island was one of the better locations.
The two Trumpeter Swans were still at the OCF outfall as were several other swans and ducks.  I could not get in a position to get a good photo due to the trees!  These trees sure have grown up in this area in the last few years.
Rusty the Trumpeter

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