Sunday, February 17, 2013

More of the St. Clair

It was a fine day to be out, but a snowstorm hit while I was at Corunna!  I guess there may be nothing new on the river as I saw most of the same stuff.  Another Nelson's Gull was at Corunna.  It was an adult, but different than the one from January 27 it appears.  I have seen at least three Nelson's recently!

Lots of activity at LGS as usual.

The most interesting spot was at the head of Stag Island where there were lots of Glaucous Gulls. In fact, there were about 15 here of various ages.

I counted 31 Glaucous Gulls up to Corunna, but that is only an estimate of course.  Still a significant number!

Ducks were plentiful too.

The various rafts of ducks along the river were in tight groups for the most part.  Most being Redhead of course.

Going through some old photos this afternoon, I remembered this gull at LGS back in 2007.  Just an odd-looking Herring Gull.

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