Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Blizzard and Summer Wildflowers

Its been a boring week around here, so I went through some old photos this evening.  One here at Erieau August 29, 2008.  A blizzard of gulls and terns!  I estimated around 13,000 along the public beach.  I could not find a rarity though (par for the course!).

Here are some wildflower photos taken at Moore Wildlife Management Area August 24, 2008.  Since it has been wintery lately, it was something nice to look at.  It was one of the better summers!  A good place for butterflies as well (not to mention dragonflies such as Mocha Emerald).

Silvery Checkerspot on coreopsis

Purple Coneflower

Slender False Foxglove


Giant Swallowtail on thistle


Stiff Goldenrod

Pennsylvania Leatherwing on coreopsis


  1. Hey, isn't that a slaty-backed gull 2347th bird from the left?

  2. I missed the Slaty-backed, but actually there was a Black-tailed Gull further to the left!