Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Frolicks

morning gull

It was just too nice today, so I had to leave work after lunch!  It was dead calm today and even at lunch time, the St. Clair River was smooth as glass.  A rare sight indeed.
This morning was foggy as I did my morning walk. Heard redpolls again.

I decided to check out Perch Creek CA near Sarnia this afternoon.  I did not find any roosting owls, but did flush a Great Horned as I walked the trail.  Another Common Redpoll flew over at one point.  Obviously there will be some around this winter!
The most interesting bird was a Brown Thrasher.  Never could get a clear view of it.
Also saw an Eastern Comma butterfly. It was quite warm there!

Next stop after driving back roads was the McKellar Tract on Bickford Line.  It can be a good place for owls, but it was quiet yet again.  Heard another redpoll fly over!
Down the road I checked out Moore WMA.  It was quiet at first for birds, but when a Merlin made an appearance I knew why.  Soon the birds started moving and I watched a nice group of chickadees, nuthatches, creepers and juncos.

A Yellow-rumped Warbler was feeding on Poison Ivy berries.  The warblers winter here every year making use of the ample supply of Poison Ivy berries.

The most interesting thing on the way home was a flock of 10 Muscovy-type ducks.  Not sure their origin!
(wrong lens, again)

Later, I arrived home and notice a female Purple Finch at the feeder.  Not a common bird here!

Whirlpool at Moore (not as good as Niagara's!)

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