Saturday, November 17, 2012

Redpoll Mania

Another fine day of birding.  Dead calm again which was nice to hear things for long distances.
Redpolls have really arrived and they were everywhere I went.  The biggest bunch was at Blenheim Lagoons where almost 100 birds were working the weeds.
I arrived at Rondeau at first light despite driving through dense ice fog.  With Steve and Jim I birded south point trail.  There was dense fog over the lake, so nothing could be seen.  However, a Common Loon was constantly calling the whole time as it seemed to be saying "where am I?".
We had White-winged Crossbills fly over as well as redpolls.  A couple of flyover Pine Siskins turned out to be the only ones of the day.
A Gray Catbird (first one in some time) was heard mewing. Also heard was a Common Raven (pretty sure!) which I had never had at Rondeau  before.  It has been a while since one was recorded in the park.

The campground was somewhat productive with more redpoll flyovers and another (or the same?) Northern Saw-whet Owl.

It even had a vole cutlet sitting nearby!

Three or four Yellow-rumped Warblers were working the west side of the grounds, and a late Nashville Warbler was seen earlier.

It was still hopeless for scoping the Bay, so we tried for Bohemian Waxwing outside the park on McKinley Road.  We only found a half dozen of the Cedar type.  I saw a flock of Eastern Bluebirds in front of the trailer park later on.
At the east end of New Scotland Line, a pair of Carolina Wrens was singing up a storm.  Seems to be lots around this fall.

I went back into the park and looked at the owl in better light.  At that point I heard a single Red Crossbill fly over (the only one of those for the day.).

by this time, the fog had dissipated and we scoped the Bay.  One of the Eurasian Wigeons was off the dock (Mike Bouman had already staked it out!).  We had good looks at it but a bit far for good photos.  Lots of ducks to look at until the hunters returned from their morning run.

Afterwards, I went back into the campground again and helped Garry Sadler find the owl (a lifer!).

I found a few Cedar Waxwings but still no Bohemian!

The warblers were still in the same location, and undoubtedly will be the winter resident type.

I explored some areas out of the park, stopping at Erieau as well.  Redpolls were on the point of Rondeau too.  On the RR track trail, more redpolls!

Over at McGeachy I found a Common Yellowthroat (finally!) and a couple more Cedar Waxwings. Still no Bohemian!  Redpoll flyovers, again.
I stopped at the lagoons and found a large flock of redpolls (~100).  I tried searching for Hoary but to no avail.  But, I could not look at every single bird.

A fine day to be out!


  1. Blake, brilliant birding. this might be my winter to finally see redpolls! I noticed at Pelee today that Carolina wrens were singing almost every area I walked. great birding!

  2. Wow! So many Common Redpolls! I'm sure either Rondeau or Pelee will get Hoary this winter.

  3. Blake,

    You missed the Monarch that was at South Point Trail on November 17 -- seen by Michael K. Matheson.