Monday, August 1, 2011

Whirlwind Tour

I checked out various sewage lagoons and other spots today.  I didn't see much of note.  Oh well, I just like to be out and about.
Stewart Wetland remains the best spot in Chatham-Kent for shorebird habitat.  There were not too many birds there first thing this morning, but 5 Solitary Sandpipers were present.  They seem to be having a good year.  Up to three Great Egrets now!  Where are those rare heron types?
Sandhill Cranes are still around Wallaceburg.  I saw 7 this morning.  I really don't know the origin of all these summer birds, but every year they increase in numbers.

Went for a walk at Rondeau this morning.  Lots of Bonaparte's Gulls were flying over the lake.  Two Great Egrets were out there as well. Cuckoos have been vocal recently.  Saw this Black-billed.  (twig got in the way!)

Ridgetown lagoon has some good edge for shorebirds.  Blenheim is terrible this year, but some shorebirds use the sprinkler cells.  I just heard today that the sprinklers will be shut down due to low water level!  Low water level where??  It will be hopeless for shorebirds in that case.
Two Short-billed Dowitchers remain at Tilbury--only place I have seen them this summer.  Not many other shorebirds today.  I have been going there frequently this summer.  It is far better than Blenheim and is the same distance from Wallaceburg!
Things are just plain slow right now.  We had thunderstorms early this morning, but it didn't seem to make a difference in bird life.  It will pick up soon I am sure.

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