Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sluggish Sunday

I did not do much travelling today, except in my boat!  I had a nice ride from Port Lambton down to Lake St. Clair.  Little in the way of birdlife.  A Black-crowned Night-Heron flew across the entrance to Bassett Channel and terns and gulls were congregating on the beachy area of Seaway Island.
I stopped at Stewart Wetland first thing and noted a Stilt Sandpiper which was new for the summer.  Four heron species were present-you probably can guess which ones.
Went for a walk at McKeough Dam afterwards and came across a couple more Flag-tailed Spinyleg dragonflies.

A Royal River Cruiser went by as well, but those things are always cruising!  Only a few other species like Widow Skimmers.  This one caught my eye against the blue sky background.
Widow Skimmer (male)

Late this afternoon I had supper out at Port Lambton and decided to check the flower gardens at Brander Park. Practically no butterflies, but a skipper caught my eye.  I had no camera or even binoculars, but was able to get close enough to determine that it was a female Fiery Skipper.  Late last summer there were lots of that species here among other things.  There are nice flower gardens there that attract butterflies.  Late broods of Peck's and Tawny-edged Skippers appear here in late September, so it is always worth checking.

Eastern Tailed-Blue

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  1. Great shots Blake!

    Would love to see one of those FT Spinylegs one day... Just have to make the effort to get down your way I guess??