Friday, August 5, 2011

Egrets to Darners

Stopped at Stewart Wetland this morning to find 9 Great Egrets roosting in a dead tree across the river.  This is the most I have seen at this location.  One was banded, but I could not get close enough to see any other tags. They were quite skittish!

Just the usuals with regards to shorebirds.  One of these days I need to see something different!  All week has been mediocre for birds.

Went up to check a couple of spots along the Sydenham this evening.  The only dragonfly at Moore WMA was a Fawn Darner. These are widespread, but I sure have not seen one in recent times, if at all.  It did not settle any length of time for a good photograph.

Heard that Mocha Emeralds should be around.  It would be nice to locate one of those.

At McKeough, a "flock" of dragonflies of several species (at least 6) was milling about the parking lot.  I am not sure what all was there as there were a couple I could not ID.  Lots were Giant Green Darners.  In fact, there are hundreds all over right now.

It was another hot day, so this photo should cool things off a bit. (head of Walpole Island).

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