Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shorebirds, Sandhills, Skippers

Not wanting to go too far today, I headed up to Point Edward to take in the strong north wind.  It is getting to be "lakewatch" time at various points around southwestern Ontario.  It is early in the season so I would not expect much, but some jaegers will be moving.  Van Wagners had a couple today!
Point Edward on Lake Huron is a good spot on a north wind, although we do not get the volume or diversity of birds that they do at Van Wagners.  Some days can be good in the fall, but it seems that things do not show up like they used to.  Last year we had only one decent day with some jaegers.
I went up today anyway.  Lots of shorebirds were moving including quite a few Sanderlings.  Others included Least Sandpiper and Semipalmated Plover and some larger shorebirds I guessed as Long-billed Dowitchers (not sure though!).  Also a couple of phalarope species likely Red-necked at this time, although Red could be showing up soon.
A few ducks included teal species.

This afternoon I stopped at McKeough and noticed a large number of Common Buckeye butterflies.  Not sure why, but there were dozens there!

Also stopped at "Frog Pond"!

At Port Lambton I checked out the flower garden at Brander Park and found a large number of Peck's Skippers (~15).  Also one Fiery Skipper.  These along with Tawny-edged will likely be around until late September as they have in the past years.

A couple of Common Sootywings were doing their usual ground level patrols.

At Stewart Wetland, a Short-billed Dowitcher and a Stilt Sandpiper among a few small shorebirds were on the mudflat.  All were juveniles.  A Yellow-rumped Warbler was along the edge.  Still no rarity!  In fact there have been none anywhere!

Nearby in one of the cut fields (#2 location), 24 Sandhill Cranes were loafing about in the distance.

On to another week......again....

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