Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sandhills, Snipe, Shorebirds

A good number of shorebirds were at Stewart Wetland near Wallaceburg today. New for the summer there, believe it or not, was a Baird's Sandpiper and two Short-billed Dowitchers.  Lighting was terrible at noon with very strong winds, but several peeps and yellowlegs were present as well.
On the way to lunch I noticed quite a few Sandhill Cranes in the cut wheat fields.  Around 30 today in the fields I went by.
Baird's Sandpiper (right)

Without anything else to do this evening, I headed down to Tilbury.  New for me there was a Wilson's Snipe in the shorebird cell.  This cell is almost dried up!  Another day or so without rain it will be dry.  This has been an excellent spot, so I hope we do get some rain to replenish the mudflat.  Lighting was terrible for photos.

Also present were the usual 4 Long-billed Dowitchers (the only dowitchers present!), 4 Stilt Sandpipers and only one Baird's.  The other common peeps, yellowlegs, etc. were present.
Long-billed Dowitcher:

Five Black-crowned Night-Herons were around as usual.
Hopefully this weekend some new stuff will be around.  (i.e. Buff-breasted Sandpipers!).

Locations I have seen Sandhill Cranes near Wallaceburg: (trying something new here!!)


  1. Blake, Awesome photos of the Snipe. People seem to have awesome luck at Tilbury, just so long as I'm not there!

  2. I have never seen a Sandhill Crane. Could you give more specifics on how to find these wheat fields?

  3. Oh wow, that is very helpful!